Customs and Kustoms is a meet for you that have an American car made between 1935 and 1964 modified in the manner as custom cars were built in that era.

The name of the meet origin from the fact that George Barris coined the name Kustoms spelled customs with a “K” therefore we see the era before 1949 as Customs & the one after 1949 as Kustoms.

One of the three periods in this golden days of Customs and Kustoms will be 1935 to 1948 as in early customs.
This period will be cars and parts made in this era or repops(reproductions) of parts that was present in that era.
Cars to be built in the way as the early customs were built!

Next period of Kustoms is 1949 to 1954 which will be cars from 1935 to 1954 and made by parts made in the same era or repops on parts that was present in that era.

The last era of Kustoms 1955 to 1964 which is cars made from 1935 to 1964 and made by parts made in the same era or repops on parts that was present in that era.

In addition to the above three periods we also welcome two more styles:
Swedish customs built on American cars 1935 to 1964 in the manner Swedish customs were built from the era mid to late fifties and sixties up to 1964.
Coach built cars from the era 1929 to 1954 in the manner coachbuilt cars were built by parts from the era or handbuilt parts looking like parts from the era.


If you are unsure if your car is a car built as a traditional Custom or Kustom, please see old builds of the era your shooting for built by parts that was present at that time.


If you can find your modifications on an old build or a modification that was possible to make in the era you will enter. We will not prejudge your car

If your still unsure and don’t enter any of the above categories, you are still welcome and can park on the center parking area where any regular car will park.